The Opiate: Fall 2017, Vol. 11

$ 10.00

It's the season of the witch, and with it comes our eleventh issue, the cover of which puts a cap on what I'm calling the Holy Trinity of genitalia (see Vol. 9 and 10 to understand). That's right, she's got both. Because these days you have to if you want to find any satisfaction. In any case, our slew of esteemed fiction and poetry writers this round includes: Nina Živančević, Kinga Fabó, Salvatore Difalco, Tim Conley, Armando Carlo-Gonzalez, Lisa Attanasio, Mary Di Lucia, David Z. Morris, Anton Bonnici, Erin Smith, Kathryn Chan, Kenneth Kesner, Jacklyn Janeksela, Andrew Fenstermaker, Colin Dodds, Craig Bruce McVay, Timothy Robbins, Natalie Crick, S.A. Gerber, Michael Marrotti, David Barnes, Amy Barry, Bruce Edward Sherfield, Edward Bell, Khalil Anthony and Steve Dalachinsky.