The Opiate: Spring 2018, Vol. 13

$ 10.00

It doesn't ever feel like spring anymore, does it? The seasons seemingly as delayed as our reactions to chaos, of late. But eventually, spring it must come. Whether we feel it or not. Maybe this disarming issue will shake you out of your long winter's nap, in which The Opiate features the work of Zeke Greenwald, Jacob Harrell, Kenneth Vanderbeek, Brett Stout, Marissa J. McCants, J.L. Horner, Mather Schneider, Jason Francis Mc Gimsey, Conor O'Sullivan, Leanne Grabel, Stinson Anderson, Adam Gunther, Erica Schreiner, Megan Mealor, Ingrid Casey, Sarah Helena, Edward L. Canavan, Thomas Fucaloro, Kim Cope Tait, Isa Guzman, Deirdre Fagan, Alexandra Antonia Klimenko, Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar, Alison Grace Koehler, Marius Presterud, Cecilia Knapp, Amy Barry, Nicholas Calderbank, Robin Lee Kelly, Rich Ives and Tongo Eisen-Martin.