The Opiate: Summer 2018, Vol. 14

$ 10.00

Feels like hell just keeps touching the surface of the earth with this heat/this life, no? But keep reading as you burn, with scintillating works of fiction and poetry in this issue from: Ron Kolm, Matt Jones, Christopher Love, David Leo Rice, Lily Kipp, Drew Buxton, Jason Francis Mc Gimsey, Leanne Grabel, DS Maolalai, Timothy Robbins, Daisy Bassen, Amy Poague, Steve Denehan, Margarita Serafimova, Martin Parsons, lawdenmarc Decamora, Matthew Corey, Donna Dallas, Jason Stoneking, Joan Struthers, Christine Butterworth-McDermott, Michael Lyle, Wes Civilz, Gary Galsworth, Steven C. Reese and Robert W. Henway. Let the flames and the words overtake you.