The Opiate: Summer 2019, Vol. 18

$ 10.00

To quote Lana Del Rey and Joan of Arc, "It's fuckin' hot." Why not cool down in front of whatever modestly priced artist's fan you have with the latest issue of The Opiate?--just in time for some peak heatwaves throughout the globe. The only thing more on fire than the Earth right now is the writing in this issue, with fiction and poetry from: Ewa Mazierska, Ashok Rajamani, Joseph V. Pali, Mary Bunten, Leanne Grabel, Donna Dallas, Juanita Rey, Layla Lenhardt, Alan Elyshevitz, Janna Grace, Thomas Wells, Bojana Stojcic, Syed Zaman, Hunter Boone, Adam Hanover, Jennifer Stephenson, Cameron Morse, Inès Giudici, Matthew Corey, Timothy Robbins, Victor Marrero and Rufo Quintavalle.