The Opiate, Vol. 16: Winter 2019

$ 10.00

Well, we made it to 2019. Some how, some way. I still don't fucking know. Maybe living in a hellscape has simply become the norm. In any event, to reflect the unprecedented and still simultaneously trapped in the past times we live in is the work of The Opiate, Vol. 16, featuring fiction and poetry from Ewa Mazierska, Salvatore Difalco, Jonathan Kravetz, Zeke Greenwald, Leanne Grabel, Mike Lee, Erica Schreiner, Susan Richardson, Cameron Gorman, Harley Claes, Francisco Orozco, Jonathan Dowdle, Steve Denehan, Dan Raphael, Lou Graves, Mitchell Grabois, Heidi Seaborn, Jessica Fischoff and yer boy John Gosslee.