The Opiate, Winter Vol. 12

$ 10.00

A new year can either bring a new perspective or more of the rage you've accumulated over the past. The Opiate Vol. 12 offers a little of both, with tales as wide-ranging as an old man's irrelevance to an inability to move on without "a better distraction." This issue features scorching perspectives in a season of cold from Max DeVoe Talley, Rebekah Coxwell, Christoffer Felix Wahlberg, Anton Bonnici, Jeff Gibbs, Christopher J. Adams, Laura Mega, Leanne Grabel, Chika Onyenezi, Joel Allegretti, Martin Ott, Richard Weaver, Ann Christine Tabaka, Michael Berton, Donovan James, Joan McNerney, Domenic Scopa, Alex Feldman, Marissa J. McCants, Matthew Peluso and Timothy Robbins.