The PornME Trinity by David Leo Rice

$ 10.99

The Opiate Books presents David Leo Rice's The PornME Trinity--a brutal in its luridness look at what happens when an enthusiasm for porn goes, let's say, sci-fi meets Big Brother. Following the strange cum-drenched by night, office-relegated by day existence of Gribby, "life in the surveillance state" starts to take its toll on our easily manipulable (as we all are) protagonist.

With some sections previously published in The Opiate magazine, we're pleased to bring you all three parts of the (un)holy trinity in one sleek edition. Order your copy today and stave off porn addiction forever!

*please note: book is forthcoming in November, orders will not be fulfilled until that time

From back cover:

“A scathing, brutal, hilarious descent into a very contemporary kind of madness. Picking up where Ballard, Houellebecq and Cronenberg left off, Rice’s novella charts the point at which the image becomes flesh, and 21st century urban malaise takes on a metaphysical dimension. Bizarre, profound and necessary.”

-Nick Antosca, creator and showrunner of horror anthology series Channel Zero

A harrowing descent into the very essence of porn. This novella constantly makes you wonder what will happen next, while simultaneously driving you to scream at Gribby to grow the hell up already. Because you’re better than him, right? Sure you are. Why not pay the $12.99 a month to prove how superior you are, bub? Come on, you know you want to.

-Andrew Farkas, author of Self-Titled Debut, Sunsphere and The Big Red Herring

“A tale of of disembodiment and a cosmic odyssey that is as strange as it is fun, The PornME Trinity reads as comedy, with lots of sex and satire and porn and gore, until suddenly it becomes weirdly sad, with Gribby, our lonely antihero, lost in the eons missing the days when he was a slave to a screen and an office—a fate that sounds all too near and all too familiar.”

-Mariana Enriquez, author of Things We Lost in the Fire